Pascal Guerineau

Painter - Impressionist

The work of Guerineau meets the worlds of life, those of the night of time that carry the breath of great inspirations. In him, everything is strength and struggle or clash with the heart, passion, suffering and misunderstandings of a life that haunts his mind every day. Far from the consensual, Guerineau does not leave indifferent.

Thrown vigorously on the medium in the delicate nuances, his art occupies the arena of our questions, these obstacles and difficulties that cause the requirement of choice, the call for a decision.

Can he help?
Certainly, the answer belongs to each person, but Guerineau is one of those true artists who have so much to say, that their abundant expression upsets the prejudices for the great truth of the spirits who abandon themselves to it.
The art of Guerineau is a cure for regeneration. Like him, may he allow us to also say: "My experience allows me to be sincere towards my mirror".

State Collections:
France :
Mairie Le Mans 72, Mairie d Yvré l’Evêque 72, Mairie de Château du Loir 72, Mairie d’Issoudun 36,
Mairie de Bussang 36, Mairie d’Issy les Moulineaux 92, Mairie de Dinard 22, Mairie de la Turballe 44, Mairie de Saint André des Eaux 44, Château Dillon 33
England :
London Parliament

Collective exhibitions :
Art Innsbruck (Autriche)
Galerie Cécile Charron, Paris
Biennale de Saint Briac
Art Elysées Paris
Espace Cardin Paris
Amnesty Internationale

Personal Exhibitions :
Galerie Roi Dore, Paris
Château Dillon Haut Médoc France
Cote sur ARTPRICE (4 ventes aux Enchères)
Guérineau figure dans le livre Le Contre Annuaire aux 11 éditions 13




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